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Women = Power

Growing up in India, living in different parts of the world and embracing new challenges everyday defines who I am. Find opportunities in every challenge is what my mother - a great influencer, supporter and motivator- always taught me. Knowing oneself, hard work, passion and a smile can solve any challenge. I am living with those values every day.

In my high school days, I used my interest in arts to a small business, that gave me a sense of the real world. Running my own business was both rewarding and challenging, it taught me to take risks & stand up for my belief. Now in my career as a banker, I am helping my clients to secure their financial future. It is a big responsibility that could not be achieved without nurturing the long-term relationships filled with care, compassion & competence. Keeping our environment clean, green and free from toxic chemicals is another mission in my life, which drives me to continue my small business. Family, friends & clients keep me authentic, driven, busy but always connected. There is more love needed in this world for every living being. I strive to leave a legacy behind me rich in friendship and a greener world!


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