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Do all with grace and courage

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Adopted at six weeks to family who wanted a little girl. Growing up, I was always a nurturer, an advocate, always stepping up for a cause, that’s just how I was wired. I attribute this to my experiences through church, youth groups, and most impactfully, mission trips. I find the most joy and fulfillment through being a member of a team – there is powerful synergy to that! The fondest memories I have as a child growing up are from my basketball teams and youth groups. They saved me and provided lifelong lessons and memories!

Over the years, the best career experiences have been my teams, being a part of community and collaboration. This is what fills me up, helping others in whatever way gets them to the next step or feeling unstuck, being a voice. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and did not find my voice to help others until I was in my 20’s, in a flash, years of suppressed memories came back to me. This solidified my purpose in life; I was to be an advocate, a catalyst to support, and know each of us, sometime throughout our lives, needs someone to understand and to say I’m here to help, let’s keep moving forward, we’ll figure it out together, I GOT YOU!

Enter my 3 beautiful daughters; now 27, 21, and 20. They became the mission, a reason for a voice that is heard, the cause to muster my experiences into a message of determination, hope, respect, resolve, strength, and always, grace and humility. Raising them to understand their gifts, talents, to always strive to let their internal light shine! No one steals their light. This is my hope and prayer for them. One of my greatest honors was caring for my parents. Dad was my best friend. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s shortly after retiring from his 44-year career. The look of helplessness and hopelessness in his eyes when he was given his diagnosis by his neurologist is something I will never forget. I helped take care of my dad for 5 years, traveling from the east coast to west coast, attending doctors’ appointments, therapy, and the person who had to take his keys away (a last connection to freedom and personal identity). I helped my dad through his journey by being his voice honoring every single wish he had until his passing. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2004. 3 months after a clean mammogram, my mom found a 4cm mass. Again, my mission was to get mom through and be her voice of hope we would get to the other side. 

2010, I landed in healthcare, quite accidentally. Providing an ideal position, to help others through their journeys. I have been extremely blessed to be on this path, working with patients and their family members, with my support systems all with a common goal of helping others, advocating, empowering, being a voice, I GOT YOU.


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