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Let Yourself Be Seen


To me, aging gracefully is to remark at the wisdom obtained to this age, and to be bewildered at the milestones still left to be achieved. Ever-defining ourselves by our own curiosity and desire to grow through experience, and to revel at the being we have shaped into. The outcomes of a well-lived life are the sonata that persists long after we’ve reached and surpassed that proverbial “prime” age.

I choose to follow my inner melody and embrace my own multifaceted self - a woman, an advocate, an executive, a reader, a best friend, a gardener, a wife, a lifelong learner. I am smart. I am worldly. I am dynamic. I am me. 

We deserve to be seen. You and I and every woman deserves a voice, a seat at the table, a raised hand, a reflection in the mirror that speaks of us in a way that captures our essence and celebrates our being. 

This is visibility. Let yourself be seen. 

Yes, there is a vulnerability in visibility. But there is an even greater vulnerability in letting ourselves quietly slip into silence or fade into the background of the world. That vulnerability is the quiet hum of the of loss of self. Loss of all of the sweet and precious milestones that we’ve built toward through life. We’ve come too far. Feed the parts that make you shine.

There is a vibrancy, a second life that comes with age. I am curious enough to experience the world with an open mind, and wise enough to understand the context in which certain life events unfold. I hold a remarkable vitality to show up, seek adventure, embrace love, explore hobbies, never stop learning and to embrace the unique composition that is my inner beat. 

Go ahead. Create your own melody. Step into the spotlight. Let Yourself Be Seen

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