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Five Women Share Their Breast Health Stories


During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we celebrate not only awareness but proactivity around breast health and screening for breast cancer. While breast cancer is not preventable, cancers caught at their earliest stages have an almost 100% cure rate. Annual mammograms are a first line of defense, and self breast exams are a second line of defense that can help alert you to any changes in your body. 

Breast Cancer Awareness is a year-round act of self care and body awareness. Be empowered by the wellness messages from five women, and make your breast health top priority this month and every month. 

Shelley - Be an advocate

I am appreciative of the women in my life for holding me accountable for my own health, and I gladly do the same for them. I credit one of my friends for nudging me to do a self breast exam that resulted in me finding my breast cancer, and ultimately, saving my life. It is our responsibility to advocate for health, not only with the women in our direct circles, but also with younger generations. My advice - get your baseline and to practice body awareness through self-exams and mammograms. Stay on top of making your breast health a priority and make sure that the women you love do too. Click here to hear Shelley’s message to EveryWoman 

Erica - Make one change today

If you are feeling stressed or short on time, try not to look at the big picture and instead start today with small changes. You don’t have to tackle it all at once, but you can take gradual steps toward better health. Think about what you can do now that will benefit you long-term. That might mean taking 5 minutes to schedule your annual mammogram online - a quick and simple, yet effective way to take care of yourself. Click here to hear more of Erica’s powerful message

Maviea - Find a provider that you trust

Life is about building relationships - your healthcare provider is no different. Pick a breast-focused mammography provider who you see on a consistent basis year after year. It’s important to cultivate a relationship of trust with a provider who is familiar with your unique health history. Build an open line of communication between you and your provider, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Click here to hear Maviea’s important messages about breast health


Anne - All you have to do is show up

Think about a mammography screening as one thing you’re doing for yourself. Fortify yourself with knowledge, and take steps to keep yourself healthy. You only have to show up for a mammogram once a year, and it takes less than an hour to provide yourself with the peace of mind that comes from knowledge about your breast health. It is our responsibility to be the keepers of our own bodies, and to be champions of our own health. Click here to be empowered by Anne’s message 

Christie - Get to Know Your Normal 

You know your body best. Be diligent about performing your monthly self breast exams. My adoptive mom was diligent about her monthly exams, and was able to quickly detect a lump and changes in her breasts. Take time to consistently know the shape of your breasts, so that you can tell what is different. You have the power to advocate for your own health. Click here to be inspired by Christie’s message     

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