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EveryWoman Event in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Solis Mammography #EveryWoman team spent an evening in conversation around breast health, wellness and inspiring EveryWoman to live her best life. Four of the women featured in the EveryWoman docu-series sat with Janet St. James, breast cancer advocate and former WFAA healthcare reporter for honest and open conversation around breast health. Scroll down to see pictures from the evening.

Attendees sipped mammo-ritas and enjoyed an array of hors d'oeuvres at a soiree fully-staffed by female-owned businesses local to the DFW-area.
In attendance were the 20 women featured in the EveryWoman docu-series, film director Emily Bloom, Solis Mammography leadership team, and home office and center team members.
Four panelists, Maviea, Christie, Robyn and Shelley sat with Janet St. James for open dialogue about breast health and breast cancer.
"I'm not a survivor, I'm a thriver" - says Shelley. Each woman opened up about her own experience with her body, breasts and health; sharing messages of strength, hope, encouragement and inspiration for the next generation of women.
That's a wrap! EveryWoman breast health panelists and docu-series participants kickoff the launch of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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