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Do All With Courage and Grace


I live my life with two virtues always present: grace and courage

These two virtues, though seemingly opposite in tone, are truly complementary. Without grace, courage lacks perspective; the heart and soul of intention. And grace without courage is a lackadaisical and undefined intent. 

What does it mean to be courageous? Yes, it is important to stare down the barrel of an intimidating situation but there are different types of courage, all equally brave, that aren’t always so outwardly valiant. Courage to be an advocate for others. Courage to battle your own insecurities. Courage to model your values when you think no one is watching. Courage to be yourself. 

Courage is resilience. And resilience through all challenges is the true definition of grace. I hold tight to these values for myself, as a model for my daughters, at work with my team, and as I navigate a new chapter of life. I hold firm that through grace and courage all is possible. What values do you uphold? - Christie

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